Personal social networks

 Personal social networks of the elderly

Our main objective is to construct typologies of personal social networks of the elderly in Portugal. To accomplish this, we defined the following specific goals:

  1. to map and acess structural and functional social personal networks and social support;
  2. to describe and compare social personal networks concerning relevant predisposing background and current characteristics of the elderly (e.g. female vs. male, youngold vs. old-old, rural vs. urban, with vs. without offspring, institutionalized vs. noninstitucionalized);
  3. to analyze and correlate network dimensions with sociodemographic variables, professional and retirement trajectories, migration, support from secondary networks, perceived mental health and emotional dimensions (depression, loneliness, interpersonal relations satisfaction, resilient coping), perceived quality of live and autonomy, community participation, infoinclusion, trust and values in social bonds;
  4. to analyze and define typologies regarding to different methodological approaches and procedures;
  5. to compare data cross-nationally.

Research team: (CEPESE/ISMT): Sónia Guadalupe; Henrique Vicente; Fernanda Daniel; Inês Amaral.

Scientific production

  1. Ph.D. and master dissertations
  2. Papers and posters presented at scientific events
  3. Papers in peer review journals
  4. Book and book chapters