Scientific Areas

Behavioral Sciences

Research Line: Health and Wellness
Coordinator: Helena Espírito Santo

Ongoing Projects:

Trajectories of Aging
Cognitive Rehabilitation of Older People
Protective Emotional Processes
Personal Social Networks of Older People

Normative Studies of Neuropsychological Instruments
Mental health trajectories of patients with multiple sclerosis

This research line is structured in three complementary themes:

  1. Studies of emotional processes, neuropsychological dimensions and social processes throughout the life cycle:
  2. Emotional regulation and schemas; early maladaptive schemes; social mentalities and affection and attachment systems; parental behaviors; trauma and dissociation; and phenomenology of health risk behaviors.
  3. Social support networks and mental health; social support in vulnerable populations; and family.
  4. Neuropsychological dimensions in health and disease.
  5. Studies on Therapeutic Programs and Processes: In this area the therapeutic programs, and different therapeutic processes and their results are approached.
  6. Psychometric Studies: In this theme, we have been adapting and validating instruments of psychological and neuropsychological evaluation.