Interdisciplinary Center for Psychosocial Research




Scientific production

Mission and objectives

It is the Interdisciplinary Center for Psychosocial Research’s (CIIPSO) mission to study the processes and psychosocial interventions of populations at potential risk throughout their life trajectories aiming at promoting their health and well-being.

In this sense, CIIPSO was developed to carry applied research on:

  1. Processes of development, regulation, and promotion of personal, familial, social, personal social network, team or organizational psychological health and well-being;
  2. Psychological problems at the individual, familial or social levels, especially those emerging in Western societies and their development and maintenance processes;
  3. Development and design intervention programs, assessment instruments, and guidelines for practice.

CIIPSO also has the following additional objectives:

  1. Develop intervention programs for different populations, using, when relevant, computer systems and virtual reality;
  2. To develop or adapt new assessment instruments regarding psychological health and well-being and respective studies of factor structure and psychometric properties;
  3. To develop methodologies of content analysis and categorization of elements and psychic functions influential in psychotherapeutic communication;
  4. Extend content analysis and categorization of psychic phenomena to personal interaction in well-defined social contexts;
  5. Develop research in follow-up with involuntary/mandated clients;
  6. Expand and strengthen research in the context of evidence-based therapies;
  7. Contribute to the development of the capacity for interpretation and theoretical-conceptual argumentation and knowledge about epistemology and scientific methodology, and thus to enable the elaboration of high-level scientific research projects.